The Way of Incense

Founded more than 500 years ago, the school's tradition endures since Muromachi.

Hachiya Sōhitsu is the current and 21st heir of the Shino School of Kōdō (志野流香道), dedicated to the traditional art of incence appreciation.

Meet The Master

The incense ceremony uses rare fragrant wood to conduct the ritual, dedicated to increase one’s spiritual level and connect with Nature and the soul. In ancient times, people believed that aroma could connect people to heaven.

The Way of Incense

The culture of incense was brought back from China, but unlike the Chinese tradition, Japanese Kōdō has a strong ceremonial dimension, focused on the art and the etiquette.

Before becoming part of the culture, Kōdō was only practiced among Japanese aristocrats and royal families. It slowly evolved into an art and spread from nobles to samurai families.

Only two schools of Kōdō remain in Japan nowadays; Shino School is one of them.

Only two schools of Kōdō remain in Japan nowadays; Shino School is one of them.

Premium incense wood takes decades to form and cannot be grown artificially.


Ran Ja Tai (蘭奢待) is the most prestigious incense wood in Japan, preserved at the Shōsō-in (正倉院),  the treasure house in Tōdaiji temple (東大寺). It has been a symbol for men of power and authority in Japan for hundreds of years.

A Japanese mythical treasure with a millennial history

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